Best Coffee Places in Amsterdam East

Coffee Bru Amsterdam

At Amsterdam Trilogy we are guilty of loving good coffee. Wherever we go we are always scouting for kickass local coffee spots.

There are some cities in the world, like Paris or Tokyo, where you have to go out of the way to get a really good coffee instead of randomly stumbling upon a great coffee place. We are lucky that our current hometown, Amsterdam, packs up an amazing selection of coffee spots in almost every neighborhood despite its relatively small size.

One of the things we do when we venture out to another city is to google the best coffee in whatever area we find ourselves whenever we get the caffeine urge. That’s why we decided to share our favorite spots by each area of Amsterdam, so you can always get a fix wherever you are.

We will begin this series with our own district, Amsterdam East, which in our humble opinion, offers the best bunch of coffee places in the city. They are all consistently good, cozy and give a great excuse to explore Amsterdam Oost, which has its own very cool vibe that will make you feel that you’re in a different town than in the tourist-packed center of Amsterdam.

Here we go, check out the best coffee places in Amsterdam East:

1. Coffee Bru – Best Neighborhood Vibes, Consistency & Price/Quality Ratio

Coffee Bru

Hands-down, Coffee Bru is our favorite coffee place in Dam. We love it because the staff is very friendly and the coffee is always very, very good no matter the barista, especially when paired with their yummy toasted banana bread. The prices are also quite decent in comparison to other coffee spots in the city.

The décor is super cozy with a slightly makeshift vibe. It’s a nice place to just sit by the window and come up with your next novel idea.

Coffee Bru is located on Beukenplein, a neighborhood square known for a great selection of food hotspots, such as Smoking Barrels for burgers and surf-and-turf (they have an amazing veggie burger too), Bar Bukowski for brunch and drinks later (which has a good coffee too), and Thaicoon for tasty thai.

Coffee Bru sources beans and bakery treats from local roasters Rum Baba, also located in the East.

Visit Coffee Bru’s site

2. Rum Baba – Best Roastery

Rum Baba

Rum Baba mentioned above has two spots in the East – one is a café and the other one is a roastery and bakery. Rum Baba roasts its own coffee, and that’s usually where we get our batch of beans for the house. You can get a coffee both in the café and the roastery. They also offer a selection of very yummy, American-inspired pastries baked freshly everyday.

If you want to sit down and dwell, the café is a better choice, with its cozy décor and bright Insta-worthy turquoise floor. It is a super gezellig place (Dutch word for convivial and cozy, a similar idea to Danish hygge) with very friendly and warm staff. They also give you little action figurines as table numbers, which is pretty neat.

Rum Baba is located on a very charming street in the East, Pretoriusstraat, worth exploring as well. There is a squatted social center/vegan restaurant not far from Rum Baba called Joe’s Garage, which hosts plenty of cool events, cinema screenings and often collaborates with Amsterdam’s most famous squat – Vrankrijk.

Visit Rum Baba’s site

3. Bedford-Stuyvesant – Best for Kids and People Watching In the Sun

Bedford - Stuyvesant

If you ever venture out to Amsterdam’s lively fresh market in the East, Dappermarkt, or nearby Javastraat, renowned for specialty ethnic food stores, you can enjoy a cup of really good coffee and organic sandwiches at Bedford Stuyvesant.

Bedford – Stuyvesant has a more of a bohemian and eclectic vibe that feels like someone’s home as if lovingly decorated with mementos and furniture collected over the years. The café also has a kids play area with a whole suitcase of toys.

It’s especially great during warm weather. You can take your coffee to the street terrace and enjoy the vibrant humdrum of Javastraat’s neighborhood life.

Visit Bedford – Stuyvesant’s site

4. Clubkoffie – Best for Delicious Club Sandwiches to Go with Your Coffee


Located on Krugerplein with a huge outdoor terrace, Clubkoffie is famous for its creative selection of club sandwiches (including an amazing vegan club) and quality coffee, using beans from a local Amsterdam East roaster, Stooker. What can be better for lifting your spirits on a lazy Sunday than a hearty pairing of a delicious club and great cup of coffee?

Clubkoffie has a hip reclaimed décor with the usual suspects, such as crate seats, mixed and matched chairs, funky lamps and a cute wall of clocks doubling as a menu for the club sandwiches.

Visit Clubkoffie’s site

5. Roost – Best for Cozying up with a Book


Another gem in Amsterdam East is Roost, located next to Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis hospital. It has a more modern and minimal décor with window nooks for reading. Fittingly, they also have a book swap wall, where you can borrow a book or bring your own to share.

Roost also offers slow coffee, such as Aeropress and V60, and homemade pastries and savory light meals, such as soups and quiche.

Visit Roost’s site

Did we miss your favorite coffee place in Amsterdam Oost? Please share it in the comment section.

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